Is reality real? Or are we making it all up.  

Some philosophers and thinkers say that everything in life is an illusion that nothing is real, that we are making it all up.The way I see it everything is real, very real in this dimension, because we are here to experience this reality, we make it real because this is why we are here, to experience this physical world, to feel sad and happy, love and hate, ecstasy and depression, to feel fulfilled and empty. We are here to experience it all, and for that to happen we have to make it real, is like when you go to the movies, if it’s a good movie you get involved in the plot and you feel what the actors are playing out in the screen, but you know is not real so you can snap out of it the moment you remember it’s all just a movie, but “real life” is real to us, we can’t snap out of it, at least not all of us can, some highly enlightened persons can, they have reached the understanding that life is like a movie, a movie were we are the writer, the director and the main character, and this is why they say that life is not real, but being that most of us are not even close to enlightment  how can we make sense of reality? For this we have to examine 3 aspects of ourselves, our thoughts, the interpretations we make of things and our feelings. These 3 things define our reality. 


Reality starts in your mind; it’s constructed with your thoughts. Ralph Waldo Emersonsaid: A man iswhat he thinks about all day long and this is true. If you think that you are prosperous, your mind will focus on things that help you to achieve prosperity, and if you think you are a failure your mind will focus on things that will make you fail. Your mind is your servant and is here to prove you right. Your mind is like fertile land, if you plant tomatoes seeds it will give you tomatoes or if you plant poison ivy seeds it will produce poison ivy. Always be aware of what thoughts you are planting in your mind and foresee what those thoughts are going to produce in your reality.  

To think is to create, this is not a philosophical concept but a scientific one. Recent findings have shown that thoughts have a physical substrate to them. When you think a thought you make a molecule, a molecule that is the biochemical equivalent of thought. Thought transformed into these molecules witch then communicate via the circulatory system to specific cells of the body to trigger specific feelings or results. For example when you see the person you love, the feeling that runs through your body is chemically produced by the hormones serotonin and dopamine. You can think of these peptides or hormones like keys that fit into very precise locks called receptors on the cells exterior walls. Recent discoveries reveal that there are receptors to peptides not only in brain cells but also in cells from other parts of the body. For example there are receptors for peptides on the walls of immune cells, this means that your immune cells are affected by what you think, nothing that you say to yourself escapes the attention of the immune cells. This proves that you can think your way to health or disease. 

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