Holosync Review   

meditate as deeply as a Zen monk, literally at the touch of a button” 


What is it?

The Holosync Solution is an audio program designed to lower your brain wave frequencies to achieve deep states of meditation.  



Meditation has enormous benefits for your health and well being; people who meditate regularly are more likely to live happy, stress free, healthy lives. But when most people think of meditation the image of a spiritual person dressed in a white robe sitting in a full lotus position surrounded by candles and incense comes to mind. This is why most people don’t see mediation as something for them. This is a misconception, meditation is a very simple and easy thing to do, but as with everything worthwhile you have to dedicate some time to get good at it. To meditate you just have to close your eyes, focus on your breathing and clear your mind of all thoughts. The challenging part is to clear your mind of all thoughts; here is where the practice part comes in. Did you know that you have on average 60,000 thoughts per day, and that most of us are thinking the same thing over and over again? And that what we think shapes our lives? When you consciously make a habit and practice controlling your mind, you find that it becom easy to dismiss negative or destructive thoughts when they appear and you gain the power to break habits of negative or disempowering thinking. This is very important because as you already know we become what we think about.


Our incisive thinking gets in the way of us seeing that we are connected to everything, when you quiet your mind, you clear the connection to the energy that is everything and you start to see things as they really are. This gives you the power to gain control of your reality. 


Benefits of meditation:

·         Expands your awareness 

·         Slows down the aging process  

·         Eliminates stress 

·         Increases concentration and strengthens the mind 

·         Boosts your intelligence and creativity. 

·         Creates a general feeling of peace and wellbeing 

·         Creates a state of deep relaxation. 

·         Strengthens your intuition.  

·         Creates remarkable emotional changes.  


The shortcut

Holosync is “The lazy man’s way to meditate” Holosync soundtracks contain certain combination of sine wave tones of precise frequencies embedded beneath smoothing music, that when listen to using stereo headphones stimulate the brain to create the wave patterns of deep meditation. This gives you the benefit of deep states of meditation without the many years of practice that would normally take you to reach them. As Bill Harris (Holosync developer) says meditate as deeply as a Zen monk, literally at the touch of a button” 


Customer support  

They have great customer support. In every stage of the program you receive a series of emails (support letters) that guide you through any experiences you might have and they have a number you can call with any questions or comments about the program. There is a blog with great post by Bill Harris with relevant information that you can read or listen to and with you meditation CD’s you also receive lots of written material that explains all the science behind the concept. 


Pros and Cons

They say that every good review has to point out the good things and the bad things of a product, but in my opinion there is nothing wrong with Holosync. Maybe the only thing I am not so happy about is the price, but when I think about it we tend to spend more money in trivial things that don't add to our advancement in life. And let me give you a tip; the only time you are going to pay full price is when you buy the first level (Awakening prologue), because once you become a customer they are constantly sending promotions with good discounts on the following levels and they also have payment plans.


I have been a Holosync user for a while now and I can say that what the program promises is true and I always look forward to my meditation time each day. 


You can get a copy of Holosync's free meditation demo CD, and more information about the meditation program, here.  



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